When does this ICO start?
DOR Coin ICO starts from August 1, 2018 14:00 (JST) and end on November 30 14:00 (JST).
What is DOR?
DOR is an abbreviation of DORA Coin.
During the Sale period, how many tokens will be sold?
Tokens for sale is 3,000,000 DOR、Total token issuance is 6,000,000 DOR.
※Token sale will be stopped once the tokens are sold out.
Is there any advance purchase benefit?
Bonus varies by the scheduled phase below. Earlier you purchase, more bonus you get.
Phase 1 : Bonus 30%
August 1 2018, 14:00 (JST) - August 31 2018, 14:00 (JST)
Phase 2 : Bonus 15%
August 31 2018, 14:00 (JST) - September 30 2018, 14:00 (JST)
Phase 3 : Bonus 5%
September 30 2018, 14:00 (JST) - October31 2018, 14:00 (JST)
Phase 4 : No bonus
October31 2018, 14:00 (JST) - November 30 2018, 14:00 (JST)
How much is Token price? How much is the minimum purchase?
1DOR=0. 001BTC(minimum BTC purchace:4DOR , 1DOR=0. 01ETH(minimum ETH purchace:2DOR)
Where can we check the token holdings status?
On the upper side of header menu, you see Login button. Login and check from your Profile page.
Can anyone buy tokens?
Depending on residential country and region, you might not be able to purchase or there are some restrictions. Please check “Terms of Use”.
Is DOR Token a security token?
No. DOR Token is not security token.
What company issues DOR Tokens?
No. DOR Token is not security token.
What company issues DOR Tokens?
The address is below:
Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Suur-Ameerika tn 12, Estonia
I participate in ICO for the first time, please tell me how to buy.
Thank you very much. First, please read Whitepaper carefully. We also have “How to buy” button on our site. Please check it out.