DOR Coin Use Regulations
About the cancellation of DOR coins
Except for the obligations specified in applicable laws and regulations, the DOR token that has been purchased is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.
Important matters
Matters related to the purchase of tokens, such as the purchase date and time, the price and quantity of the token and the allocation of funds, have been recorded in detail in the white paper. Please read and understand them carefully before making investment.
DOR coin risk
DOR purchasers, holders, or users should carefully read, understand and accept the risks recorded in the white paper before making investment.
The DOR currency purchaser is responsible for keeping the DOR coins and the private key. If the purchaser loses the private key of his/her wallet, resulting in the inability to access or withdraw money, it has nothing to do with the company or the issuer of the token.
Personal information
DOR sellers will decide whether the purchsers are eligible to invest according to local laws and regulations and purchasers' personal information. If necessary, purchasers need to provide personal information, please understand and cooperate. During the confirmation of personal information, even if purchasers have already paid the amount for the DOR coin, they will still need to wait patiently for our review before they can get the DOR token. In addition, if purchasers use an email address to login our system, we'll send notifications to purchasers if there is any ICO relevant information.
Compensation for damages
DOR coin purchasers shall not do anything to damage the reputation of the DOR coin issuing company and related companies. If any similiar damage happens, we reserve the right to appeal for compensation from the purchaser.
Selling restrictions
For residents living in regions or countries where DOR is prohibited from issuing relevant registration or license, or where DOR is prohibited from purchasing tokens, we will not sell DOR tokens. It is guaranteed that DOR will not be sold indirectly through resale, private fundraising, purchase persuasion or any other means. In Japan, we will not make any purchase or fund raising for DOR.
Residents in regions or countries where has conflicts with ICO relevant laws are not able to purchase DOR coins. Purchasers must have no housing in the above regions or countries and can't purchase coins from above regions or countries. DOR issuer will make adjustments so as to conform to local laws and regulations according to actual situations. If there is any change, purchasers will be notified through the website or email. Please understand and respect the behavior of the DOR issuer. Invertors are required to confirm and agrees to the above statement.
Legal supervision
We comply with local regulatory and legal provisions and follow the explanation of right of the Estonian District Act.